Commercial Vessels

Spurs Protects Your Fleet with Awesome Cutting Action!

The Cutting Edge Propeller Entanglement Solution

Protect your bottom line with Spurs. Our cutter systems are the world’s most efficient and cost effective method of eliminating propeller entanglement and are trusted by the U.S. Navy and commercial fleets worldwide. Spurs instantly cuts lines and nets and prevents unscheduled dry-docking due to aft seal damage.

Protect The Environment and Avoid Fines

A propeller’s rotary screw action draws lines and nets directly to the hub where they are wound tighter and tighter, until they are forced into the oil seals and, in many cases, damage and destroy the sealing capabilities, releasing oil into the sea.

With Spurs cutter system, as the propeller rotates either toward or reverse, the lines or nets are grabbed by the rotating cutter and directed toward a waiting stationary cutter blade where, with each propeller revolution, they are instantly cut away before entanglement occurs.

Don’t take a chance!! Avoid expensive fines and down time from oil leakage resulting from line and net intrusion into aft oil seals (as shown here).


  • Oil leaks that damage the environment
  • Costly fines for polluting waterways
  • Expensive unscheduled dry docking and diver charges
  • Dangerous dives to cut prop fouling lines and nets in freezing or high seas
  • Downtime for repairs
  • Expensive towing charges

How Does It Work?

A Spurs cutter system consists of two main assemblies. One or more rotating cutting blades are attached to the vessel's propeller hub. A stationary cutting blade is attached to the rope guard or strut. When lines or debris are caught by the propeller, they are instantly cut free with each revolution of the shaft.

How Does It Work?

With every Spurs installation you can count on step by step assistance - on site if needed - to ensure that your entanglement clearance system is properly installed.

Spurs cutters can stand up to the most severe cutting conditions and last for years. Spurs maintains a large inventory of cutter systems for vessels with short-notice dockings. We will present complete drawings of each installation, along with a quote, within a day of receiving 4 vital dimensions:

  1. 1
    Forward propeller hub and stern tube diameters
  2. 2
    Model and make of aft seal, etc. (see required measurements here)

We also provide drawings of the rope guard, where a minimum thickness of ¾” (or 19 mm) is required. The heavy rope guard will support the cutting of large nets and hawser lines when necessary.

Learn more about our Propeller mounted ship cutters or give us a call for more information on how Spurs Cutter Systems can help protect your fleet!