Private Vessels

Install the Spurs line, net and weed cutter system at your next haul-out for safety and peace of mind!

Shaft Mounted Cutter System

The principle that enables the shaft-mounted Spurs system to cut so effectively is the “screw action” created as the propeller turns, winding lines, nets or weed directly into Spurs blades, instantly cutting before allowing entanglement or damage to the running gear. (A positive solution to an age old problem).

  • Eliminates hazardous dives to cut prop-fouling lines in freezing or high seas
  • Eliminates inconvenient down time for repairs
  • Prevents the need for commercial towing
  • Allows running after dark
  • No more shafts or struts torn loose that can sink your vessel
  • Avoid expensive haul-outs, dry-docking and diver’s charges
  • Prevents burnt bearings, engine and transmission overload repairs

Learn more about our Shaft Mounted Cutter System or give us a call for more information on how Spurs Cutter Systems can help protect your fleet!